Gypsy Willows Gypsy Cobs

We are a small Gypsy Cob horse breeding stud in Wollombi, Hunter Valley. Our aim is to produce Gypsy Cobs with outstanding conformation and with exceptionally kind temperaments. Their quality is our main concern. Our mares were carefully chosen with these criteria foremost – their beautiful colouring and agility are an added bonus. Our mares have amazing manes and tails with incredible feathering. We like the traditional piebald colouring.

Gypsy Cobs are extremely versatile, being surprisingly athletic, intelligent and strong, hence they are suitable for all riding disciplines. Their innate kindness make them reliable and considerate mounts. One of our mares is broken to harness and another we ride. Naturally they are stunning to show.

Gypsy Cob Horses - Hunter Valley

Gypsy Cob Mares

We began with two filly yearlings, Taylor and Carrisbrook ( Carry), chosen for their overall excellence. They had our undivided attention and grew into beautiful mares. Sadly Carry died, less than 3 years old, so we bought her mother, Molly. Taylor and Molly are our present breeding mares.

Gypsy Cob Horses - Hunter Valley

Gypsy Willows

Situated in Wollombi, Hunter Valley, NSW. An ideal home and environment to breed beautiful Gypsy Cobs. Our aim is to produce Gypsy Cobs with outstanding conformation and temperament.

Gypsy Cobs for Sale, Hunter Valley

Gypsy Cob Foals for Sale

Django is our first foal, a stunning little colt. Full of personality and affection.

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